Technical boat support and repairs during the event

Whilst we all hope to have a trouble free regatta, it’s always possible despite thorough preparation to have gear failure, breakages and damage. We have arranged with some specialist support services to help keep your boat on the water, these are:

Sandy Point Chandlery

Rory owns and runs the independent chandlery located within the grounds of HISC. He has significantly increased all stock, covering a wide range of specialist dinghy fittings, ropes and clothing suitable for dinghies and is open seven days a week. He will also be stocking a range of tasar specific parts such as poles, masts and other items.
Rory is a "can do" sort of guy and will work hard to provide you with all the help he can. He also runs a paddle board hire service which is open from 08:30 till late.

PSB Repairs

James runs PSB Repairs, a specialist dinghy repair company. James has worked at the cutting edge of dinghy construction, working for RS Boats for many years before setting up his own company. James is another “can do“ sort of guy and will be providing a 999 type service throughout the regatta, working overnight to keep you on the water. If James can’t fix it, it’s highly likely to be unfixable! His work shop is local and will be on the end of a phone

Sail Style

Simon owns and runs a family based business making bespoke sails and boat covers. He joined forces with Mountfield Sails and provides a highly capable repair service for sails, including high performance sails, windsurfer sails and Kites. He’s a competitive dinghy sailor and understands the needs of regatta support. If you damage your sails, Simon will get you back on the water.