The 2019 Tasar Worlds are Underway !

All the action can be followed on the HISC web site: Tasar Worlds at HISC

Live Postings are onto the TasarUKSailors facebook group: Facebook Logo !

SailRacer GPS Tracking is here:SailRacer Tasar Worlds

Saturday 27th July 2019
Measurement day at the Tasar Worlds 2019 and all but two boats are ready to go. Most sailors have now checked in at the race office. Tomorrow is briefing and the practice race. I see lots of fettling and polishing going on in the boat park. Good luck everyone, have fun :)

Diary date:  21st July 2019
Chased up the tracking we will be using at the event. Read about it here

Diary date:  17th July 2019
Added racing event programme and social programme to the web site. Get your dance shoes ready.

Diary date:  10th July 2019
Getting close and I see the entry list has grown. Added cycle hire menu option, bit late for shirt orders now but I will leave it up just in case.

Diary date:  16th May 2019
Added the clothing tab to the top menu and placed the picture on the top slider a couple of times :)

Diary date:  26th Aril 2019
Added the visitor information tab to the top menu which shows some local attractions for non sailing. Should have some news on event clothing (Apparel ?) in the near future.

Diary date:  4th February 2019
Some notes about proposed WTC rule changes which affect European boats are on the TAUK web site. The changes need to be accepted by the majority of world regions in order to succeed. Come on rest-of-world, help us out here :)

Diary date:  1st February 2019
On line entry now open on the Hayling Island web site which also contains details of the racing schedule and an outline of the social events.

Diary date:  12th December 2018
Tasar UK supported events list published for 2019. On the tasar UK web site with several events at the Worlds location.

Diary date:  3rd December 2018
Campervan information updated to reflect new local bylaws. Hoping to get on-line entry at the club website up and running soon. Working on finalising the costs, and hence the price :)

Diary date:  11th September 2018
The pictures at the top of this page are from the 2018 UK nationals at Hayling Island sailing club where the 2019 Worlds will take place.

Diary date:  7th September 2018
Tasar UK Nationals measurement process used as test for the Worlds. A three station process through the shed taking your document with you. Starting with foils and jib stick, then onto sail and batten table and finally hull and crew weighing.

Diary date:  12th March 2018
Tasar UK Worlds committee agree on event logo choice
Diary date:  21st September 2017
On site accomodation and booking details available - see menu at top of this web page.

Diary date:  6th August 2017
Presentation of 'Tasar UK state of affairs' report at Japan Worlds2017

Diary date:  29th June 2017
Preparation of presentation for Worlds committee in Japan - prior to gaining their permission for UK 2019
Here is the HISC flypast video and championships presentation:

Here is the international version of the flyer Signal Locker are kindly sending out with customer orders. This one has a little map of the uk showing where HISC and other important places are.

Diary date:  10th Feb 2017
Confirmation of dates and location with the Tasar World committee has been sent to Australia, USA and Japan for public promotion. We have sent them this information pamplet.
Personally, I have sailed at HISC in both competition and casual sailing and its one of my top locations in the UK. Everything there just works smoothly. The parking, the clubhouse, the launching, the changing rooms, the harbour area, the sea. Its all good.

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