Diary date:  21st September 2017
On site accomodation and booking details available - see menu at top of this web page.

Diary date:  6th August 2017
Presentation of 'Tasar UK state of affairs' report at Japan Worlds2017

Diary date:  29th June 2017
Preparation of presentation for Worlds committee in Japan - prior to gaining their permission for UK 2019
Here is the HISC flypast video and championships presentation:

Here is the international version of the flyer Signal Locker are kindly sending out with customer orders. This one has a little map of the uk showing where HISC and other important places are.

Diary date:  10th Feb 2017
Confirmation of dates and location with the Tasar World committee has been sent to Australia, USA and Japan for public promotion. We have sent them this information pamplet.
Personally, I have sailed at HISC in both competition and casual sailing and its one of my top locations in the UK. Everything there just works smoothly. The parking, the clubhouse, the launching, the changing rooms, the harbour area, the sea. Its all good.